Cutting-Edge Theatrical Lighting for Every Occasion

FadeUp is more than just a lighting company. We’re Production Designers that specialize in lighting. You can rely on our knowledge as you plan every aspect of your event.

How We Can Help

Corporate Events

Whether it’s a conference, a board meeting, or a pull-out-the-stops party, FadeUp can design the lighting for your space. Working with you and every other member of your team, we create the perfect atmosphere without stealing the show.

Architectural Lighting

Set your property apart by highlighting its unique features! Whatever the size or scale—office building, church, or skyscraper—we can turn your building into a work of art.

And don’t worry about the weather. Our technical savvy and state-of-the-art equipment are set for success, whatever’s going on outside.

3D Modeling

Using our 3D Modeling Software, you’ll be able to visualize the venue we’ll be working in!

Not only will you get to see how we’ll light the event, but you’ll have a chance to see the room as a whole, collaborating with us on any other critical production decision you’ll need to make.

And when it comes time to sell your concept to your client, you’ll be able to take the 3D model with you! It’s the perfect tool to get every decision-maker excited about your plans.

Church Productions, Weddings, and More!

Whatever your event, we bring up-to-the-minute innovation and years of know-how to help you level up your game.