Chris Tsuji is FadeUp Design Group’s chief project manager, overseeing every aspect of our clients’ events and productions.

Chris works directly with event planners, production technicians, and lighting designers to create a cohesive and worry-free experience from start to finish.

Chris has been involved in production and event planning his entire career. When he was just 17, he began working for an Omaha-based company as a DJ for weddings and clubs. In this role, he got an insider’s look at well-produced events and what makes them work.

In 2011, he and two partners created a production company that specialized in “underground” concerts and music festivals. During that time, Chris managed projects that included internationally-known artists representing many styles of music.

He also began his own DJ service in 2013, booking himself and a partner for Omaha-area weddings and events.

Next, Chris worked with an event-decorating firm in Omaha bringing his expertise in production to beautify events by building sets,making custom furniture, and doing whatever needed to be done for the event.

After experiencing how expert lighting can transform a space, he became a valued member of the FadeUp team. Now, Chris uses all of his experience in production management, event creation, and lighting to give FadeUp’s clients—and those who attend their events—a first-class experience.

Project Manager